Take Heart

November 14, 2018

Over the past 10 weeks our class on PLANT-BASED EATING FOR PERSONAL AND COMMUNITY HEALTH has been facing mountainous scientific and medical evidence that the Standard American Diet centered around animal-based foods is destroying human, animal and environmental health! Humans and animals are needlessly suffering at home and abroad while climate crises, exacerbated by animal agriculture, are threatening communities around the globe. 

Tragically, that’s only part of the story. According to Will Tuttle, Ph.D., our psychological, intellectual and spiritual health are also deeply damaged by our choice to consume animal products. 

But take heart. Will Tuttle brings a depth of understanding, wisdom and compassion that gives rise to a different outcome. He has written a profound book, THE WORLD PEACE DIET, which helps readers comprehend the far reaching implications of our food choices. In it he guides us to make conscious connection with an animal-free diet and cruelty-free living, nonviolence and genuine sustainability. Today we celebrate the priceless perspective of Will Tuttle.

In class we enjoyed 2 cruelty-free desserts, Chocolate Beet Cake and Chocolate Ice Cream. The recipes follow:

This weekend November 18 and 19 we await his visit, with his wife Madeleine, to Rehoboth Beach, DE, for our annual Thanksliving feast. Although Thanksliving tickets have sold out, the public is invited to a book signing and talk at Browseabout Books on Monday November 19 at 6 pm, details follow

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