National dance troupe stops in Lewes at Coastal Dance Academy

May 23, 2016

In celebration of National Dance Week 2016 Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America has embarked on their annual national tour to foster the minds of both youth and adults alike, motivating them to Never Give Up! On April 22, Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America stopped at Coastal Dance Academy in Five Points.

The tour promotes health and fitness, while encompassing the ideals of persistence, perseverance, passion, and positivity. This tour proves that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

The goal is to encourage everyone to live, love, laugh and Never Give Up!  Besides the tour, they also will be awarding three scholarships to deserving dancers nationwide and only students who participate in the tour are eligible to apply.

Their choreographer Louie Perez emigrated from Cuba to Los Angeles at age 10. He became interested in performing arts, but was unable to afford dance class. His dance teacher, Patsy Metzger, never gave up on him because she noticed his genuine passion for the arts. Instead of charging him for class, he mopped the studio floors of Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio in North Hollywood California as payment. He promised himself that if he was successful at whatever path he chose in life, he would be sure to inspire children and adults to Never Give Up on their dreams.

Since then, Louie has been fortunate throughout his career performing in numerous touring/LA Broadway shows and has successfully owned VP Dance Academy in Fishkill, N.Y. for a decade. The crew is joined by Executive Director Jimmy Lyles, a radio personality on Westchester and the Hudson Valley’s Music Station, 100.7 WHUD in New York, and is a live-event DJ. Lastly, the crew is joined by friend Ryan Dutcher.