We must address flooding before it happens

February 24, 2017

The recent nor’easter storm truly illustrates how vulnerable and low-lying our state is, and why it is so important we take flooding seriously. We need to fund programs and projects that address flooding and water quality across the state.

Coastal and inland flooding not only affects the environment, but also affects our public health, safety and local budgets. When Route 1 closes, as it did in this nor’easter, emergency vehicles needed to be rerouted, adding crucial time to get to their destination.

Drivers attempting to navigate flooded roads can cause damage to their car, or worse, injure vehicle passengers. And the state, county and local governments must spend money to deal with the impacts of flooding each and every time it occurs.

Instead of constantly being on the defensive and responding after the floods occur, it would be more efficient, economical and safe if we addressed flooding before it happened.

Delaware’s Clean Water and Flood Abatement Task Force estimates that we need $100 million to fully accomplish the state’s clean water needs, but right now, we aren’t even funding the basic clean water initiatives required by law.

Daniel P. Barbato, PE
Water Resources Engineer, Pennoni

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