My Journey To Breaking 90

October 4, 2017

One of the main goals for golfers all around the country is to break ninety. It used to be the goal that I would work on for hours and hours at a time. The amount of hours that I would put in was something that I never thought I would do, but I did this so I could have that one round that put me over the edge. It put me to the next level in golf it took me from feeling bad to feeling average. Here is my journey to breaking ninety.

When I look back to the time that I was trying to break ninety I think of all the work that I put in to get there. There were hours on the chipping and putting green. The lessons that I got allowed me to reach that goal. One of my favorite things to do was to chip and putt I found that lots of amateur golfers do not put in the time to get better. Sure I loved to play and would sometimes go out and play twenty seven holes in a day. I think watching the pros golf really motivated me. All these things were key in me breaking ninety.
I think motivation is the main thing that every golfer has to have to get good at golf. Before I broke ninety I would go into every round thinking about that. When I wasn't on the golf course I was thinking about how I was going to achieve my goal. It taught me the meaning of hard work. I had people that I looked up too if I hadn't I would not have broken ninety. When I was on the course I would think of that pro that was scoring so much better than me, or I would think about that high school golfer that I lost too. For some of you music might be something that makes you feel like you could conquer the world. Whatever it is that turns you to another level thats what you need to do.
Another thing that I loved to do was to practice my short game. There were so many times that I was out in the sun practicing for hours at a time. Perfecting that shot so that I had the confidence to get up to every shot and knock it in. I would experiment with many different shots and lies so that I would be ready for anything on the course. If you are giving yourself a good lie every time your out practicing you are not going to be ready for the course. The reality is that you are not going to get a great lie every time that your out on the course, so why would you practice with a good lie every time. This is something that I did not think of at first so that is why I am giving you that information now, so you will not make the same mistakes that I made.
If you play in tournaments this is the paragraph for you. When I played in the state qualifiers my eight grade year I did not qualify by only three strokes. When I look back on that tournament it gives me motivation. I look at the scorecard and I want to go back to the course and play another round. I think tournaments are one of the greatest things and helped me to break ninety by giving me motivation and helping me to play under pressure.
The driving range can be one of your best friends. It was not my greatest friend I did not love to be out there all the time, but I think purposed practice gave me a big boost. One thing that my teacher told me to do was to pick a target, if you have flags that are on the range pick one of them and hit at it. Before he gave me that information I would just hit balls blindly, but when I think back it did not help me that much. I think that the purposed practice helped me a lot it allowed me to picture a green around it and focus. 
The lessons that I got were paramount for me to break ninety. The things that I learned from getting lessons was things that I could have never learned from watching the TV or looking up how to fix my swing. The bottom line is get lessons if you want to really get good. 
I think that the bottom line is if you want to break ninety then you have to gave the grit and determination to get there. There is no magical formula to get you there all it will take is you getting out and practicing and playing as often as you can. If you do this you will see the results and will have accomplished something that many golfers never will never be able to say they have done.