Letter: Pete and Ernie work together for constituents

October 11, 2018

In a time where people believe their representatives and government care only about their interests or special interests, we are fortunate to have two great representatives who  put the community they represent first, and work together in a bipartisan matter.

Ernie Lopez and Pete Schwartzkopf are two great accessible representatives who work together on making a better community for all to live and work in. With all the divisiveness between political parties, they are able to find common ground and get problems solved that help us all live a better life.                             

Every day we can see both of them participate in our community and charitable events we all care about. Recently we had a neighborhood problem that they both came together as a team, and both helped resolve.

Neither are concerned with your political affiliation, but in how they can help you resolve your problem.

The actual caring and compassionate nature of both is rarely found today. Their care is for the constituents of the community, placing themselves second. Nowhere can we find better and more caring representatives.

If you want two representatives who work in a bipartisan matter, and will work around the clock for what is best for all of us, then remember Pete Schwartzkopf and Ernie Lopez this November.

Neil Freese and Al Firth
Rehoboth Beach


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