Local mother Darlene Robinson in national cancer campaign March 23

February 27, 2019

Wyoming resident Darlene Robinson will be one of the 29 people featured in a new public service announcement in Times Square in March for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

Robinson is an awareness ambassador for Fight Colorectal Cancer, the country’s leading advocacy organization focused on colorectal cancer policy and research. The PSA will launch during the NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony at 9 a.m., Wednesday, Feb. 27. Robinson’s story will be featured on Fight CRC’s Facebook page and blog Saturday, March 23.

Colon and rectal cancers make up the second-leading cause of cancer deaths among men and women combined. A full 60 percent of colorectal cancer deaths could be prevented with screening. Robinson has dedicated a year of volunteer time to Fight CRC to raise awareness about the importance of screening, using her story in an effort to save lives.

“My son, Kalief Raymond Robinson-Byrd, fought this disease with honor and courage until he took his last breath Feb. 9, 2013. After Kalief passed, I made it my mission to spread awareness about colon cancer to anyone who would listen,” said Robinson.

Her story is one of many launching the annual March Colorectal Cancer Awareness campaign, a movement uniting more than 1 million survivors of colorectal cancer and their loved ones to get behind a cure and prevent future cases with screening.

“Each year, we select a group of ambassadors to represent our community of over 1 million survivors four our March Colorectal Cancer Awareness campaign. Each year, our group of ambassadors bravely rallies to raise awareness for this disease,” said Anjee Davis, Fight CRC president. “We hope their stories resonate with the over 30 million people age 50 and over who have not been screened. And compel them to talk to their doctor about their screening options.”

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