Church environmental groups form Delmarva Green

July 11, 2019

Representatives of green teams from Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and Epworth United Methodist Church met with Delaware Interfaith Power & Light May 21 to form Delmarva Green.

The group’s mission is to create an awareness of the effect pollution is having on the Earth, to educate people on how to adopt more environmentally sustainable habits, and to take action. The group also will advocate and foster support for green initiatives personally, and at the local and state levels.

A key objective is working with local municipalities and agencies to develop plans to address recycling; reduce or eliminate single-use plastics; encourage clean, efficient use of energy; and improve water quality. The group also will encourage state officials to address issues such as renewable energy.

Recently, the Delmarva Green Team met at the International Student Outreach Program dinner at Epworth. Team members and Delaware Interfaith Power & Light interns interviewed students from many countries to find out their thoughts about the effect of climate change on their homelands, and how the causes and impacts are being addressed. These discussions were part of a larger climate conversations program launched by Delaware Interfaith Power & Light and funded by Energize Delaware.

Delmarva Green will host meetings at various locations in the area on a monthly basis. Non-secular and secular organizations that share an interest in environmental concerns are invited to send representatives. There is power in numbers, and Delmarva Green welcomes other participants as they tackle the environmental issues that affect quality of life.

For more information, like Delmarva Green on Facebook or email Janet Taylor-Smith at


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