Rehoboth entrepreneur’s Boobalicious breast deodorant on Amazon Prime

November 11, 2019

One of the best-selling natural deodorants for women has now been launched on Amazon Prime.

Boobalicious Natural Deodorant is not any old deodorant; it’s a product that tackles a serious and embarrassing problem for women. This natural deodorant tackles boob sweat.

Excessive sweating under the breasts is a problem which until now has not been tackled. For centuries, women have had to try and deal with the discomfort, irritation and sweat rashes that excessive sweating between the breasts can cause. Now, the itchy, irritable skin and the burning sensation and broken skin can stop, thanks to Boobalicious and a woman from Rehoboth Beach.

Boobalicious Natural Deodorant is the brainchild of Joani DiCampli. It helps stop the sweating between the breasts that can happen on warm days, at the gym or while playing sports. The natural deodorant is a stick balm which has been designed for the sensitive skin areas where sweat builds up. It has been developed using natural ingredients, which include beeswax, tea tree oil, and essential oils.

The natural deodorant which removes those embarrassing chest-sweat situations has become one of the most important health accessories for women. Now, it is available on Amazon Prime for $14.97 including shipping.

In response to the positive reviews Boobalicious has received, DiCampli said, “It makes me proud to hear how women love my product. As a woman myself, I understand how sweat under the breasts can cause problems. My new product allows women to enjoy their day without worrying about the irritation that excessive sweat can cause to the skin.”

Boobalicious is not only helping women to deal with the problem of excessive sweat, it is also helping a worthy cause. With each purchase, 3 percent of the sale price is donated to support resources to address mental illness and addiction.

For more information, go to or and search Boobalicious.


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