New turf field planned for Legends Stadium at Cape High

$382,000 project includes netting, maintenance equipment
August 5, 2020

Cape High athletes will play on new turf at Legends Stadium when high school sports resume.

School board members voted unanimously July 23 to award lowest-bidder Keystone Sports a contract to replace the turf field and install netting behind the goal posts on each endline.

Cape Supervisor of Facilities Lenny Richardson said the price for the turf and 20-foot netting is $359,781, and an additional $22,423 will allow for the netting to extend from the end line to the 10-yard line and enclose the corners of the field with the netting solution. 

The contract includes a comber and other equipment needed to maintain the field as well as training on their use, Richardson said.

The new turf field comes with a 10-year warranty and will be identical to the current one, which Richardson said was installed in the 2008-09 school year; the old turf will be disposed of due to liability concerns, he added.

Lines will be sewn in rather than painted because painting is not good for the field, Richardson said. Officials considered putting a Viking logo in the middle of the field, Richardson said, but decided against it because it would be torn up during lacrosse season.

Richardson said work is expected to be completed by Friday, Sept. 4; if Keystone Sports can’t guarantee it will be completed by then, turf replacement will wait until after the fall season and Cape would receive a $7,500 credit. 

Keystone Sports also installed fields at DE Turf Sports Complex outside Milford and fields at Caesar Rodney School District, Richardson said.

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