Former commissioners endorse Lagree, Gossett

July 31, 2020

Dear Rehoboth Voters:

On Aug. 8, we will elect two individuals who will serve as our commissioners for the next three years. The future of our city is at stake, and we must choose wisely. In the next few years we will need leaders who bring the experience and skills to help lead us out of the economic downturn caused by COVID-19, and who share our vision of preserving the essential character of Rehoboth Beach.

We need leaders who will protect our natural assets - our beach, our Boardwalk, our trees and our lakes.

We need leaders with the business experience and knowledge to manage our tax dollars wisely, especially in the time of reduced revenues.

We need leaders who will conduct business in the open, not behind closed doors as our current administration has done. 

And we need leaders who ask for our opinions, listen to us, discuss all points of view and then act in the interest of all our citizens.

There are only two candidates for commissioner who combine all these qualities: Jay Lagree and Patrick Gossett.

We have served as city commissioners, and we know the level of commitment it takes, and the hours of effort required to be a good commissioner. We know that this is a demanding  job, not something to do in your spare time. It is not the place for on-the-job training, especially in times of a pandemic and economic hardship for our businesses. And we know what it takes to have a great relationship with our city staff, in order to forge a successful working relationship and get things done.

Patrick Gossett, who served nine years on the planning commission and nine years on the city commission, has a proven record of accomplishment. He has been a consistent advocate for strong and sensible zoning and building ordinances to protect our city’s beautiful neighborhoods and unique history and character.

Patrick was a key author of the 2005 and 2010 Comprehensive Development Plans, the principal documents outlining the city’s goals and policies regarding future growth and the management of resources, and designed and led the public input process for those plans, in which hundreds of citizens shared their vision for our city.

No one has more detailed knowledge of the city’s finances than Jay Lagree. He served on the Rehoboth Beach Audit Committee for more than a decade, and has the financial background to help us ensure the fiscal stability of our city.

Jay also served on the board of directors of the Rehoboth Beach Homeowners’ Association from 1997-99, where he also served as RBHA liaison to Rehoboth Beach Main Street.

In 2017 Jay was elected by the board of commissioners to serve the remaining year of Paul Kuhns’ term of office when he became mayor in 2017.

On Aug. 8, or with your absentee ballot, join us to return our city government to responsible financial management, transparency, informed decisions in managing recovery from COVID-19, and furthering the values we all share. Join us in voting for Jay Lagree and Patrick Gossett. Together with their fellow commissioners and Stan Mills as mayor, they will make us proud once again to say we live in Rehoboth Beach.

Toni Sharp
Lorraine Zellers
Bitsy Cochran
Jan Konesey
Former Rehoboth Beach city commissioners
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