DE Relief Grant applications approach Dec. 4 deadline

November 23, 2020

As the deadline for small businesses to apply for DE Relief Grants approaches, the state announced a new partnership Nov. 18 to help businesses with applications.

A partnership between the Delaware Division of Small Business and Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce will provide assistance to small businesses applying for DE Relief Grants, officials said.

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership,” said Ayanna Khan, DEBCC president and chief executive officer. “Our goal is to increase the number of minority-owned businesses applying and approved for DE Relief Grants. This will advance the chamber’s mission to serve the needs of minority-owned businesses across Delaware, and provide economic opportunity and support to business owners as well as to the communities they serve.”

DE Relief Grants are a joint effort between the state of Delaware and New Castle County. Applications for the current round of grants are due by Friday, Dec. 4, which provides time for all applications to be reviewed and funds to be dispersed prior to the end of the year, officials said. Under the rules of the federal CARES Act, from which the program money comes, the state and county must use available funds by Dec. 31. 

As of Nov. 12, officials said, 1,904 applicants had accepted and/or been approved for more than $61 million in grants, with requests for another $31.2 million undergoing the review process. The median grant has been about $20,000, and the typical recipient had a median annual 2019 gross revenue of about $500,000.

“DE Relief Grants have been a source of vital financial assistance to Delaware small business owners,” said Division of Small Business Director Damian DeStefano. “The division’s partnership with the Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce will ensure that more small businesses, particularly those we know have been hit hardest by COVID-19, such as minority-owned firms and microenterprises, have access to the assistance they need to secure the most relief funding possible.”

Information about DE Relief Grants can be found at; business owners interested in assistance from the Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce can email the chamber at or call 302-709-1708.

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