Milton farmer wins first place in national corn yield contest

February 22, 2021

Milton farmer Gary Ockels earned first place for Delaware in the 2020 National Corn Growers Association National Corn Yield Contest.

Ockels is one of the highest corn yield producers in the nation with DEKALB DKC63-91RIB Brand Blend corn, yielding an outstanding 278 bushels per acre in the No-Till Irrigated Class category.

“It’s amazing to see the hard work, time and innovation these farmers put into their operations to grow high-yielding corn,” said Kathleen McKittrick, DEKALB brand manager. “The DEKALB brand is proud to help farmers increase performance potential and reach their yield goals with exclusive genetics.”

The 56th NCGA contest continues to challenge farmers to achieve record-setting yields with improved management practices that can help farmers everywhere. It is NCGA’s most popular program, with this year’s event producing 7,869 entries.

In the 2020 NCGA yield contest, DEKALB farmers captured 10 of the 27 national awards and 156 first- through third-place awards at the state level, 55 of which yielded 300 bushels per acre or higher.

To learn more about maximizing yield performance potential and see a full list of DEKALB winners, go to or contact a local DEKALB Asgrow dealer.

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