Insurance Awareness Week is Aug. 16 to 20

August 18, 2021

Insurance is one of those things people forget about until they need it, kind of like a spare tire.

Insurance Awareness Week Aug. 16-20 is a good time to review current insurance policies and needs. 

While this may be a stressful process, agents know how important insurance is in everyone’s lives. From car insurance to life insurance, home insurance and more, these policies offer a layer of protection to guard people from feeling the harshest of blows from unfortunate and unexpected events.

For example, homeowners insurance offers protection for one’s home and contents. However, the value of a home and construction costs can change over time or be affected by inflation. Additions or remodeling projects can increase insurance needs. Home contents value can also change over time. The value of the home and its contents may be much higher today than 20 years ago. An insurance policy should reflect the true home value.

Other life events and changes affecting insurance needs could include a first-time driver, new apartment renter, or new addition to the family. Possessions, property and loved ones, including pets, deserve the protection that comes with an accurate, updated policy.

Insurance Awareness Week is an opportunity to learn about the types of policies available.

Here are some insurance tips to consider: Get a free quote. This is a great way for anyone considering a new policy to comparison shop. Evaluate current possessions. Consider how the family has changed. Has it grown or have family members moved away? How many pets are in the home? Is buying a new home in the plans? Is flood insurance needed? Are there big changes ahead that will influence the amount of insurance one will need?

To learn more, reach out to a local agent.

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