Blended Morgan, Bolander families run the Cannonball 5K

Don’t know why I feel like letting my fish flag fly
September 17, 2021

Universities represented - The blended families of Morgans and Bolanders connected through the late Ianthy P. Prawl were all in Lewes last weekend for her Sept. 11 funeral service, and they all decided to run the Cannonball 5K Sept. 12. Tami Tiamfook-Morgan identified the family in a post-race photo as follows: “We buried our mom/grandma/wife Ianthy P. Prawl of Lewes on Saturday 9/11/21 and ran in her honor. From left to right Tami O. Tiamfook-Morgan, MD (daughter), Tyler Bolander (stepson), Katherine Bolander JD (step daughter), Maya Morgan (grand daughter), Bruce Bolander JD (husband), Dwane Morgan MBA (son in law), Mia Morgan (grand daughter), Kareem Chambers (grandson), David Morgan (grandson), Khafra Durham (daughters significant other), Nicole Cunningham CPA (daughter), Dwane Morgan Jr. (grandson).” Cornell, Yale, Harvard, MIT, Georgetown and Hopkins are universities represented by family members in the photo. 

IQ test - A man from Allentown, Sunday morning coming down in Lewes at the historical complex, was walking while gripping an Australian labradoodle with one hand and flying a helium-filled fish balloon in the other. I found it perplexing and puzzling, so I asked Kurt Saeger, who was about to walk the Cannonball 5K, “Great-looking dog; what's with the balloon?” “It was tied to a trash can with some life left in it, so I figured I’d take it and find a better place for it.” I later realized the balloon was part of the showdown from the day before about the giant wooden menhaden fishing reel sitting in a side yard behind a split-rail fence. 

Never mention the word “prediction” - I don’t predict the outcome of high school sporting events, but I do pay attention to other sports journalists who have the courage to walk the sidelines in front of the student section of a team they predicted to lose the game. Brad Myers, Kevin Tresolini and Matty Kalin of all predicted Cape to beat William Penn by a narrow margin, which only means, like me, they have no idea who will win the game. Cape at 0-2 has eight games remaining and must go 6-2 to finish with a winning record of 6-4.  After William Penn, Cape will play Dover, Delmar, Caesar Rodney, Sussex Central, Appoquinimink, St. Georges and Smyrna. The Vikings with a big and athletic team must take care of business Friday night, and, “I believe that they will win!” I also believe they must win. 

Build up or beat down - There are multiple approaches available to shake some sense into an underperforming student athlete of high school age. The most common approach is to compassionately tell the athlete of all the promise and potential they are letting slip away, in order to to build them up and let them know, “We all love you and want you to be happy.” The other is to say, “Let’s face it, you’re a lazy slacker who went starburst for a second, and if you won’t help yourself, there is nothing we can do for you.” I once told a big old lug who failed off a team (not even close), “There are three explanations, one worse than the next. First you’re the laziest, most non-motivated person in the building. Second, you're on drugs, which may account for you sleeping in class and eating two lunches. And third and most frightening, you really are that stupid.” My position is that you have to actively work at failing inside a building filled with caregivers.   

Snippets - The Eagles, 1-0, have San Francisco at home on Sunday followed by a Monday night game in Dallas. I think Philly is a rock ‘n’ roll, beat anybody on any given game day-type team. The Phillies beat the Cubs 6-5 on a walk-off passed ball, but I still keep trying not to watch any of their remaining games. They have more blown saves than a street-corner preacher. I like seeing all the packed college and professional football stadiums. I just hope a public health crisis beyond what we’ve already seen is not on the horizon. My favorite fall sport to photograph is high school cross country. The fall foliage as a backdrop, the colors of the uniforms, and exquisite-looking athletes – and it all can be done from a chair. Go on now, git!

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