Sgt. Bell the Rapper billboards tout Toys for Tots

Former Marine Corps Reservist promotes program for children in need
December 15, 2021

A local man is doing his part to help the thousands of regional and National Toys for Tots campaign locations of the motorists who see his billboards and donate toys, building space, time or money to the cause.

Delaware musician Sgt. Bell the Rapper, aka Lafayette Bell, was a sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserve, the organization which founded the Toys for Tots program in 1947 and runs it to this day.

Bell serves as the national Toys for Tots rapper, and his rap songs and jingles are played at select radio stations across America. A 59-second song featuring the late great Nat King Cole is airing on 91.7 FM WMPH in Wilmington.

To encourage donations to the cause, billboards featuring Bell have been placed in locations in all three counties in Delaware.


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