Enjoying a little fun in the sun in TCI

February 19, 2022

In late January, this great-looking bunch of Damouni kiddos had the opportunity to enjoy a week of sun & sand while visiting the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Shown here while cooling off at the resort fountain from (l-r) are Charlize, Estelle, Jude, and Gabriella Damouni. As you can see by the look on Charlize’s & Estelle’s faces, they were not too excited to be leaving the islands and heading back home to a blizzard. They didn’t care too much for the predicted forecast of the Cape Region that Jude was sharing with them from the latest edition of the Cape Gazette. Gabriella was just as excited as Jude, her smile says it all. 

Once back in Lewes, everyone did enjoy the snow. In fact, they were all very grateful to experience summer one week and then return home just in time for the blizzard the next. Kids are kids, they love life no matter what the weather is or where they are.

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