7 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Social Media Manager

June 17, 2024

So, you run a business and are looking for more ways to market your products or services? Social media is an amazing tool to reach your specific target market. As great as social media is, it can also be a bit tricky to figure out. That’s where a social media manager comes in. A social media manager is ultimately responsible for creating a content strategy and driving engagement on your company’s social platforms. Not sure if you need one? Keep reading for 7 signs it’s time to hire a social media manager.


  • You’re not getting engagement.
    • A lot of the time certain posts don’t get a lot of likes, comments or shares. If you have no idea why your posts aren’t doing well, you definitely need some assistance. It’s possible that you are posting multiple times a week or even multiple times a day, but your content might not have quality substance so your audience doesn’t pay attention. A social media manager is able to tackle this problem by curating valuable posts that grab the attention of your audience. 
  • You don’t understand the platforms that your audience uses.
    • If you don’t have any idea what Snapchat or Instagram is, but you know your audience is hanging out there, then it’s time to hire someone to assist you. Ignoring platforms which your audience spends the most time on will ultimately result in money being thrown out the window. Of course you can read up on each platform, but someone with more expertise can benefit the money flowing in for your business. An expert in this field will allow you to save time and will also help build your audience and engagement. 
  • Your ad campaigns aren’t delivering results.
    • Ad campaigns are the key to a top notch marketing strategy. Investing in advertisement can help your brand gain exposure over a short period of time. As helpful as ads are, they also require a ton of work in order to create a successful ad. 
  • You need more time for other tasks.
    • You may be spending too much time on perfecting your social media strategy, but as a result you aren’t spending enough time on other important tasks. If you aren’t focusing your energy equally, profits may decrease for your company. It is important to have full coverage in every department.
  • You can’t keep up with messages from your audience.
    • Social media is meant to be “social.” Oftentimes, customers will reach out via social media platforms. It is important to keep up with these messages in order to provide a sense of community. If you are too overwhelmed to keep up with messages, it is time to hire a social media manager. 
  • You are running a tight schedule.
    • Running a business is hard work and extremely time consuming, especially when you are in the growing stages. Among all the other important tasks, adding social media on top of that can mean you are working more than 40 hours each week. Social media tools such as scheduling, & content creation can help organize and save time in the long run. But you also need real time posting to be successful, and that can be challenging to complete when you are already working so much. Hiring a social media manager can take the pressure off these tasks, even if they only work for a couple of hours each week. 
  • You are launching a new service or product.
    • If your business is venturing into a new market to generate revenue, then social media can be your greatest reinforcement. A social media manager can help you market and popularize your new product or service. Enhancing your online presence before & during the launch of a new product or service will almost guarantee more exposure and revenue. 


If any of these points apply to you, it might be time you look for a social media manager. With social media at the center of marketing, it is a good idea to get someone on board to manage everything that comes with social media. Are you in a cold sweat because this sounds just like you? No worries. Here at High Five! Creative we offer concierge full-service creative marketing solutions. From brand strategy to social media management, we are here to help you in your business journey. Ready to see results? Contact us today!

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