Dr. Uday Jani honored for contributions to concierge medicine

Shore View Medical founder named Distinguished Physician Leader
June 20, 2022

Dr. Uday Jani, founder of Milton-based Shore View Personalized Medical Care, has earned the Editor’s Choice Award for 2022-24 as a Distinguished Physician Leader in Concierge Medicine from Concierge Medicine Today, the industry’s oldest and most respected trade publication.

The uniquely meaningful honor is given every two years to fewer than 1 percent of doctors across the U.S. and the world who have made a significant impact on and contribution to concierge medicine.

“What all the physicians chosen have in common, however, is their curiosity to learn more about medicine, their great big heart for serving patients, and their irresistible desire to be a leader when their patients and the healthcare marketplace at large asks them to step up to the challenge,” said Michael Tetreault, CMT editor. “Not only have they met this leadership challenge, they’ve sent back maps for others to follow and left their mark along the way.”

Jani received praise for his numerous efforts to educate patients, speak to the local community about relevant healthcare issues, and continually encourage and uplift both his patients and his peers. CMT notes that his concierge practice, Shore View Personalized Medical Care, has grown every year since its 2014 launch, fueled by his commitment to exceptional patient care and the well-being of the state’s coastal community.

“Since the time I was a young boy, I have been interested in healing,” said Jani. “I can remember a debate with my grandfather about whether my tonsils should be removed surgically, as he believed, or whether there might be an equally effective alternative remedy, as I believed. Thus, from an early age, it was clear to me there were different medical options for most ailments.”

His approach to pain management, for example, is multifaceted, addressing all aspects of health including sleep, nutrition, activity and spirituality. “This is virtually impossible to achieve in a traditional practice where 15-minute visits are the norm. I’m so grateful for the time enabled by practicing concierge medicine, allowing me to be fully present and listen to the patient’s story. I can’t change the healthcare system, but I can change the way I practice medicine and give care to my patients,” Jani said.

Prior to the pandemic, Jani gave numerous complimentary lectures at libraries, farmers markets and the local hospital, and provided leadership to community charities including Rotary Club and the Harry K Foundation. A firm believer in the integral role of exercise in ensuring optimal health, he encouraged patients and families to participate with him in 5K races for local nonprofits. Jani said, “True health is about more than mind, body and spirit. It’s about forming a community around you.”

Throughout the pandemic, he served as one of concierge medicine’s most calm and reassuring voices. Shore View patients benefited greatly from Jani’s continued outreach and attention, which included frequent informational emails, a series of popular video updates, a telemedicine platform for virtual visits, and personal phone calls to check in on the most vulnerable members of his practice. The community was invited to join his podcasts where he partnered with other local experts offering a holistic approach to staying well amidst the pandemic’s many challenges. While he worked diligently with the local health department to obtain COVID-19 tests and vaccines for eligible patients, he continually encouraged respect and tolerance of all patient choices amidst the widening vaccinated/non-vaccinated divide.

Jani’s numerous accolades include being named Delaware’s Top Integrative Medicine Physician and the Face of Integrative Medicine in Delaware. He is also a previous winner of Concierge Medicine Today’s Top Doctor award.

“We congratulate Dr. Jani on earning this well-deserved honor from Concierge Medicine Today,” said Terry Bauer, CEO of Specialdocs, concierge medicine consultants who have worked with Jani since helping him transition to the personalized care model in 2014. “Achieving such recognition twice is a rare distinction, and exemplifies Dr. Jani’s unflagging commitment to his patients, his community and the concierge medicine movement. We are so proud to call him a Special Doc, an integral part of our network of outstanding concierge physicians across the nation.”

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