Silver Lake in Rehoboth, before fountains

September 20, 2022

Silver Lake in Rehoboth Beach has been mentioned a few articles in the Cape Gazette recently. The first was in the Sept. 13 edition, when Chris Flood reported that residents surrounding Silver Lake are upset that they cannot use their gazebos due to mist coming from fountains the city installed a few years ago. The second was a workshop hosted by Save Our Lakes Alliance3 about environmental threats. SOLA3 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting, preserving and maintaining three freshwater lakes – Silver Lake, Lake Comegys and Lake Gerar – in the Rehoboth area. This postcard is undated, but the Newbold Square condominium community is under construction in the foreground. The community was constructed in the late 1960s, with the homeowners association established in 1969. The postcard features an aerial photograph showing a very different Silver Lake. This is a time before the oceanfront homes were built, and the inland shores of the lake remain relatively undeveloped as well. A photograph taken from the same place today, likely above Rehoboth Elementary, would show a much different scene. 


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