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Lewes Elementary fifth-graders create school newspaper
November 23, 2022

Students, teachers and families can read all about the latest happenings in Lewes Elementary and beyond in the new Lewes Ledger newspaper launched by fifth-grade students in Brandi Townsend’s class.

The newspaper debuted with the October issue, Townsend said, and students are working to expand the paper to include the whole school. 

Students chose sections for the paper, including opinion pieces, athletes of the month, drawing contests, advice columns and teacher features.

The work allows students to learn the difference between news and editorials, Townsend said, as well as how to use their voices in the right way for change, even if they aren’t successful. Students are learning time management, organization and planning skills, she said.

Student Carson Von Lindenberg wrote an editorial stating that students should be able to sit wherever they want in the cafeteria, rather than in assigned seats. Bullying will go down if students can sit with their friends, Carson argued, and was pleased to learn that the assistant principal said school administration may consider making a change based on the opinion piece.

Bradley Chavez and Robbie Myers plan to write an opinion for the November issue regarding the recent banning of football during recess. Just because one class did something wrong doesn’t mean the whole school should be punished, Myers said.

Students not only research, interview and photograph their subjects, they also design pages as well. Gracie Ippolito said she is researching germs and will create a page detailing why practicing good hygiene is important.

In future issues, students plan to include international news, including stories on the war in Ukraine. Brynn Evick said the newspaper is important because it allows students to voice their opinions and keep classmates updated.

“The fun part is you feel like you have a purpose and can share it with the whole school without being judged,” Brynn said. “We throw out ideas to each other.”


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