Apple Electric’s lights are a 22-year tradition

Christmas display with its own radio station excites people every holiday season
December 8, 2022

Story Location:
Route 24
Route 1
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
United States

As the holidays creep around the corner, simple hometown traditions are flooding back to put locals in the holiday spirit. For the past 22 years, Apple Electric’s light display is one of the Christmas staples everyone looks forward to seeing every year. Some would say Apple’s light display gives off the heartwarming hometown feel, one that can only be found in Rehoboth Beach.

While driving past Apple Electric on Route 24 near the Route 1 intersection, it is hard to miss the eye-catching show of lights. Take a glance at their sign and you will see the creative notice that encourages drivers to turn their radio to 88.1, revealing the lights actually “dance” to the beat of the music. 

This holiday staple served its exact purpose for what it was planned to do – get attention. Like any new business, when Apple Electric first came about it was limited on resources and in need of clientele. Owners Steve and Lisa Prestipino started the light display to attract attention to their business. Originally, they partnered with the fire department, hosting a 50/50 raffle for a guessing game. This involved guessing the number of lights in the set up, and it worked. The display gained a lot of attention, giving locals and out-of-state visitors something to look forward to every Christmas. “People drive by and take pictures,” said Lisa. “I’ve even had people tell us that they have to take their kids by every year – the kids beg to see the lights.” 

As the years go on, the Prestipinos’ sons have taken on the challenge of setting up the display every October. Dominic, Nicholas, Christian and Matthew are to thank for continuing the tradition and keeping the holiday spirit alive. 

Apple Electric’s holiday spirit doesn’t stop at a show of lights, as they are all about giving too. Just like their display, they traditionally host a Toys for Tots drive.

“We aim to get at least a thousand toys, but we would love to go over that, of course,” Lisa said.

So far, they have gathered 235 donated toys. Lisa finds it as a feel good way to give during the holidays.

“It’s something that makes us feel good, and when people donate, they get a Hershey kiss – it is our way of giving kisses, but in a socially distancing way,” she said. 

Although Apple Electric hosts the light display and the Toys for Tots drive, owners claim that it is ultimately a community effort. With the help of others, Apple Electric is able to continue these traditions that keep the community coming back each Christmas.


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