Nobody taught me the Electric Slide ... where was I?

Eagles blow a 10-point lead two times
December 27, 2022

Electric Slide Syndrome - I first noticed it back in the late 1980s while sitting at a round table during a wedding reception. The DJ cued up the “Electric Slide” and the dance floor filled up with children of all ages from 5 to 95. Everyone knew when to step and slide and how many times to clap. It was just weird. I asked myself, “Where was I when the nation learned the electric slide?” Sports stuff happens and I may not be the last one to know, but I’m just before the nothing from nothing leaves nothing crowd. The transfer portal was operational before I knew it even existed. The Cleveland Indians became the Guardians. I honestly missed the controversy. The Guardians’ name comes from eight large art deco statues on the Hope Memorial Bridge located close to Progressive Field. I agree, it sounds dumb. Brittney Griner has a wife named Cherelle. I just wondered why Cherelle's name was dropped every time Brittney’s name was mentioned. I researched and discovered 38% of NBA players are married (172 out of 451) and I honestly couldn’t tell you the name of one wife. The Slam Dunk to the Beach is now Hoophall East at Slam Dunk to the Beach. If that means nothing to you, someone needs to teach you the electric slide.

Defense loses championships - The Eagles blew a 10-point lead two times against the Cowboys on Christmas Eve and yielded a first down on third and 30, which led to the Cowboys tying the game at 34-34, and the offense turned the ball over four times. Eagles quarterback Gardner Minshew was 24-for-40 for 355 yards and two touchdowns and one running touchdown. Dak Prescott was 25-for-35 for 347 yards with three touchdowns and one pick-six interception. The odds makers had the Boyz as 5.5 favorites and they won by six. Some think the outcome is fixed like an altered dog. The Eagles are only four-point favorites at home this Sunday versus the Saints. Not sure if Hurts will be downgraded to doubtful prior to the game or upgraded to questionable. Reports out of Philly sports media say that Jalen is pushing to play versus the Saints. I’m guessing he doesn't play. 

Deep breath - Late December is the time for an indoor Blimp Cam assessment of Cape boys’ and girls’ basketball. The boys were set to play Academy of Palumbo (Pa.) Monday at the Big House, then Friday, Dec. 30, it’s a Cape clash with the Clippers of Bennett (Md.) in the Governor's Challenge at the Salisbury Civic Center. The Vikings will host winless Smyrna Tuesday, Jan. 3, followed by a showdown at resurgent Milford Thursday, Jan. 5. The Cape girls hosted the West Catholic Burrs (Pa.) Monday, then will play at Smyrna Tuesday, Jan. 3. A Burr is just what you think, those annoying things that stick to you when you leave the beaten-down path and bushwhack through the tangled foliage. A history of Philly high school mascots should be part of any urban studies program. West Philadelphia Public High is the Speedboys. They later added the Speedgirls. Mascots have become controversial. The quest is to be cool but not controversial. A quick game of word association: you say Vikings, I say pillage and plunder. Maybe change it to the all-inclusive Rainbow Trouts. Talk among your own selves, as we say in Sussex County.    

Snippets - There is a cyber universe known as the Twittersphere, also called the Twitterverse. Enraged famous people sometimes launch tweet storms. That sounds weak and lame to me. And then there’s the entire Elon Musk takeover, which also makes me glad I don’t play on Instagram or Twitter – what’s a hashtag? But sports news breaks on Twitter. A friend told me that he read on Twitter that Salisbury University is planning to go Division I in both men’s and women's lacrosse. The Gulls have been running a mid-major program for years against a Division III schedule, so that move makes sense. My daughter Carrie, a crazy fan of NFL football, told me on Christmas Eve that six Eagles made the Pro Bowl. I told her, “There's still three games to play. They haven’t chosen and announced the Pro Bowl teams.” I was wrong, of course, still mired in Electric Slide Syndrome susceptibility. Cape wrestling will return to the Governor Mifflin Holiday Wrestling Tournament in Shillington, Pa., Thursday, and Friday, Dec. 29-30. The Vikings won the 22-team invitational last year with 195 points. I’ve taken to wearing a lightweight hoodie in the house. It makes me feel like a boxer in a bull mastiff body. Can I get a woof woof? Go on now, git!

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