Care team at Beebe really made me feel special

January 24, 2023

After coming to Delaware from Virginia to recuperate from a recent surgery, I was staying with my sister at her home in the Lewes area. Then my recuperation took an unfortunate turn, and I started feeling ill.

I was brought to Beebe Healthcare, where I was diagnosed with a bowel obstruction. I was very sick. I was quickly admitted and ended up spending an entire week at Beebe. Thankfully, I was in the care of an incredible team comprising clinicians, dietitians, environmental services, nursing and probably others. Everyone was incredible. Their care and their consistent concern for my well-being were exceptional. I am grateful for each and every one of them.

I, like everyone else, do not like being in the hospital. It was especially uncomfortable to have a tube down my throat and not be able to eat or drink for six days, but during every moment of my stay, I truly received excellent care.

I was lucky to be in the hands of the competent professionals staffing the nurse’s station on the third floor, and I want to thank everyone who cared for me and kept things orderly and clean. Your smiles, politeness and caring bedside manner positively affected my overall experience. Thank you.

I’m back home now and doing much better, but when I reflect on my hospital stay at Beebe, I can still see the faces of the people who cared for me, and it makes me smile. Starting with the nurses in the photo, I want to thank Lauren Fleetwood, Madison Hoehn and Cesia Gasper, who is a nursing assistant. I can just feel it that she'll make a great nurse one day.

Others I would like to thank are Mykala Scott, Sarah Chorman, Pat Farrell, Lydia Tan, Nicole Hagiwara, Linda Butts, Crystal Feindt, Megan Ritter, Beth Owens and Tysha Cannon. I do hope I didn’t miss anyone, but if I did, please know I am grateful for you all. And to the many others I did not see – those in environmental services, etc. – my sincere thanks to you all.

As a final note, one morning I awoke to see a group of nursing students at the foot of my bed. It made me feel kind of special when they smiled and said hello. They'll all make good nurses; I can just tell.

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