Delaware author pens children’s book about horseshoe crabs

February 18, 2023

Children’s book author Kimberly Black lives along the Delaware Bay and enjoys walking Slaughter Beach each day. Inspired by the horseshoe crabs she saw on the shoreline, Black wrote “Hernandez Finds a Friend,” a new children’s book which follows a horseshoe crab’s search for a companion.

Hernandez the horseshoe crab is lonely as he wanders around Delaware Bay. All he wants is a pal to accompany him on his travels. The birds, the rocks and the waves show no interest in befriending Hernandez, and he begins to wonder if he'll ever find a buddy.

“I saw a multitude of horseshoe crabs on the [Slaughter Beach] shoreline every day. I did some research and really was amazed by their story. I felt I had a story to tell,” Black said.

With rhyming verses, a series of fun facts about horseshoe crabs, and illustrations children can learn to draw themselves, “Hernandez Finds a Friend” is an educational and engaging book that kids and parents alike will enjoy.

“I am hoping young readers will realize that sometimes what they are looking for is right there in front of them. Also, I am hoping that it will inspire a love of horseshoe crabs and the desire to save them by flipping them right side up,” Black said.

“Hernandez Finds a Friend” is available for purchase on Amazon.

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