Sussex Gardeners learn about spring planting procedures

February 27, 2024

Sussex Gardeners gathered Feb. 15 at East Coast Garden Center for a brief meeting following by a spring prep workshop.

Presenters Donna Price, Rachel Cooney and Alvin Perez covered topics including assessment, planning, plant care, structuring, amending soil and planting.         

Assessment considerations consist of soil nutrients, structure and pH, lighting, moisture, measuring amount of space and identification of existing plants. Planning concerns encompass privacy, beauty and support of nature. Plant care means pruning, fertilizing and watering.

Structuring includes drainage and topography; creation of beds; installation of features such as patios, walkways and walls; paths using mulch, gravel, or stepping stones; and moving existing trees and shrubs.  

Soil amending suggestions covered altering structure, adjusting pH, and adding nutrients and microbes.

Finally, planting advice considers size of hole, adding amendments, care of the root ball, filling the hole, mulching and watering.  

Participants left the presentations with handouts, information and inspiration to begin spring garden preparation.

Sussex Gardeners is a member of National Garden Clubs Inc., Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs Inc. and the Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs. For more information about Sussex Gardeners, email


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