News Briefs 2/27/24

February 27, 2024
Dewey planners to meet March 1

The Dewey Beach Planning and Zoning Commission will meet and hold public hearings at 5 p.m., Friday, March 1, at the Lifesaving Station, 1 Dagsworthy Ave. A public hearing will be held regarding an application to rezone the property at 24 Houston St. from Resort Business-2 to Resort Residential, and to amend the comprehensive map accordingly.  

Another hearing will be held regarding a potential increase in town freeboard requirements. 

Following the hearings, planners may vote to recommend the rezoning and to make recommendations regarding changes to town code on freeboard requirements.  For agenda, go to

Climate committee members named

Dewey Beach commissioners voted unanimously Feb. 16 to appoint Debra Goldenburg as chair of the climate change committee, and Dave Davis, Sally Silver, April Wells, Courtney Estes, Mary Japour, Kelly Baxter, Dana Tilley, Dave Thomas and Stacy Hannah as members, along with non-voting member Liam McDermott.

Commissioners also unanimously voted to request the planning and zoning commission consider an increase in the town freeboard requirements. Town code currently requires the first floor of a newly constructed or substantially renovated building to be elevated to a height equal to or greater than the FEMA base flood elevation plus one foot of freeboard.

Rehoboth amends uninsured driving fine

Rehoboth Beach commissioners voted unanimously Feb. 16 in favor of amending city code to modify the penalty for driving without insurance.

As approved, any person who violates this section shall, for the first offense, be fined not less than $1,500, but not more than $2,000. For each subsequent offense occurring within three years of a former offense, that person shall be fined not less than $3,000, but not more than $4,000. 

As part of violating the section, the state may suspend the offender’s license.

Tyler Technologies hired as tax assessor

Rehoboth Beach commissioners voted unanimously Feb. 16 in favor of hiring Tyler Technologies to serve as the city’s tax assessor at a cost of $35,000.

According to the service agreement, which will run through Feb. 28, 2025, Tyler Technologies will conduct property inspections, measure improvements, photograph improvements, change data as required on a physical property record card, value all new improvements using historical rates and provide defense of values at appeal hearings.

Rehoboth approves alderman court fee

Rehoboth Beach commissioners voted unanimously Feb. 16 in favor of implementing a security assessment fee of $10 for every fine or monetary assessment for which there is a conviction, a finding of delinquency or a voluntary assessment paid.

As approved, if commissioners determine the amount of funds segregated in the security fund exceed an amount necessary for adequate security expenditures, the excess may be deposited in the city’s general fund. Commissioners did not set a specific amount that would be considered in excess.

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