Milton Farmers Market to open May 10 in new location

Grace Church to host vendors for 2024 season
February 28, 2024

Milton Farmers Market will open for the 2024 season Friday, May 10, at a new home: Grace Church on Union Street.

For the second year in a row, the market will be run by the Cape Community Fund, which provides critically needed resources to families in the Cape Henlopen School District who have suffered from accident, illness or unexpected catastrophe. The market is moving from the Milton Historical Society property where it was held last year.

Threasa Brittingham, sales supervisor for the market, said the new location came together after conversations with Pastor Todd Bean of Grace Church, who thought the church parking lot would be a good spot for the market. 

Brittingham said, “I was literally in tears because I was striking out on locations. My husband drove by Grace, and I just thought, perfect location!”

She said of the change in location, “I absolutely loved being in the center of Milton. We lost a lot of revenue because the historical lot would stay flooded after a rain for days, since the field is on the old Lofland's garage place and has cement under the grass. Parking was also an issue. We will have abundant parking at Grace Church.”

Brittingham said the market plans to have 20 to 30 vendors. She said last year, the market raised more than $4,000 for the Cape Community Fund, and that was with the season ending early due to many vendors being teachers who had to go back to school. 

Farmers markets in Milton have operated under different models in recent years. The latest iteration of Milton Farmers Market took over from the Broadkill Farmers Market, which was held across from the fire hall on Front Street and was run by the fire department’s Ladies Auxiliary. 


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