Addressing Healthcare Challenges for Seniors in Sussex County

July 17, 2024

With the senior population booming in Sussex County, finding a doctor has become a daunting task. New residents are flooding in from various states, including PA (22%), NJ (22%), MD (22%), NY (7%), and NC (7%). This influx has created a demand for physician services that traditional practices struggle to meet.

Enter the new wave of healthcare platforms: concierge doctors and urgent care practices. Concierge services offer a personalized approach, with doctors seeing only 6-9 patients a day, reminiscent of the more personal care we remember from our youth. However, this model comes with additional fees and may not be suitable for everyone.

Recognizing the need for more healthcare providers, there's been talk of establishing a medical school in Sussex County to aid in recruitment and retention efforts. Currently, shortages are particularly acute in primary care, dental, and mental health services. Beebe Health Plans is stepping up to the challenge by opening a medicine residency program in July, but the county estimates a need for at least 250 more providers in the coming years.

For seniors considering a move to Sussex or Kent County, these healthcare challenges are worth considering. But with innovative solutions on the horizon, there's hope for improved access to quality care in the future.


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