Migrating south with the Gazette as winter approaches in the Cape Region

May 18, 2024

In late November, as the weather in the Cape Region began to grow colder, Joan Kloepfer of Dewey Beach decided to follow the example of the migratory shorebirds and fly south.  She landed in warm, sunny Guatemala and spent 10 days exploring her surroundings with an itinerary organized by Accent on Travel. Joan shopped in the beautiful produce markets in Guatemala City, which were already displaying colorful Christmas decorations. Then, she went to neighboring Antigua, where she stayed in an old monastery restored as a hotel, toured the ruins of the old cathedral, and soaked in the centuries of Spanish colonial history.  From there, Joan flew on to explore the ancient Mayan temples of Tikal in the northern part of the country. After hiking all morning through the jungle there, she paused for a rest to read her Cape Gazette. Joan completely understands now why Guatemala has such a thriving tourist industry!

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