Beyond the Mess Prepare to Be Blessed!

May 24, 2024

Christian Grace Sober Living to Host Radio Show

“VIctory in Recovery” 

Saturdays, 9-10AM on WUSX 98.5FM

Many Delawareans thriving in recovery trace their success to the support available immediately upon release from drug treatment or prison.   Here in Sussex County, a plethora of community organizations provide resources for those re-entering the community newly sober; And in Georgetown, numerous transitional sober living homes make a real difference to the odds of success. 

 "A safe house, peer support and employment resources are critical after substance treatment or incarceration,” said David Forman, president of Christian Grace, a company that provides supportive transitional living spaces.  

People often return from facilities to face a mess they created in their addictions. This may include driving privileges, child support, fines and unemployment, and they nearly always involve relationship issues with family.    Forman says the tangible issues are solved with available resources and a willingness to work, but relationship issues are where the miraces happen. 

Transitional housing can be a starting point to heal or renew a relationship where trust has been broken and partners dont feel safe.  

“Anyone with a recovery story can share how a painful experence eventually led to a better place,” he said.  

'We know these miracles happen because we can remember when we could not imagine anything short of a miracle saving us,” Forman said. “And without fail, the blessings on the other side always lead to a higher place than from where we fell,” he said.    “This is true of most any hardship; when you face it by simply continuing to choose to do the next right thing, the door often opens to a greater place.”

Recently, the company itself experienced a chaotic upheaval that made little sense at the time. The Christian Grace property at 1 New Street was recently sold to a couple who said they planned to keep the house a transitional sober living home.     As part of the sales agreement, the buyers asked that all residents and furniture be removed in order to qualify for their mortgage.   Arrangements were made for some residents to have a temporary place, but more than half left and moved on.   A few days before closing the couple broke the agreement, and Christian Grace was left with a house empty of furniture, no residents and upcoming mortgage payments.    

Forman, with the company Director Andrea Broomall, scrambled to find a rental property to save the remaining residents from becoming homeless, and quickly signed a lease on a property in Georgetown on Patriots Way.

Christian Grace refurnished New Street, and now the company has 19 beds in two locations.  The mess turned into a new opportunity to do more and greater things! 

The New street location, three blocks from the circle is near a transportation hub, perfect for people needing to be within walking distance of stores and resources, while the Patriots Way location offers privacy in a more private secluded location for those with their own transportation.  

As part of the relaunch of a bigger, better resource for transitional living, and to help connect the community with resources related to addiction and recovery, Christian Grace will launch a radio program on WSUSX - 98.5FM on Saturdays from 9-10AM 

Andrea and David will share positive outcome stories and host guests from community re-entry organizations and treatment centers, and take calls from people with questions or needing immediate help.

“Christian Grace is both our name and our misison, says Forman. “Everyone knows somebody in their family or close circle of friends with an addiction problem and almost nobody knows where to find help.  Everyone is discussing the problem, but few are sharing solutions.”

Broomall said, “Those ready to start their journey with us will find understanding and compassion regardless of their past.  We ask residents to have faith that they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be.”  Broomall said an accepting community is critical for growth and moving forward. She said the company also recognizes the unique needs of the recently released.  

“For those who have had nearly everything about their daily lives managed by others, routine is important,” Broomall said. “We’re offering a safe place to exercise their new freedoms while learning how to navigate a new reality in the outside world.”

If you or somebody you known requires housing in a transitional recovery home, visit us. online at

If you work for any recovery resource and would like to share how your organization helps the community as our radio guest, contact Andrea at 302-265-9958; and if you have an inspiring recovery testamony, we’re always looking to share success stories to encourage others, also contact andrea by phone or at

To learn more or to apply for a sober supportive living room, visit

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