Hungry for Breakfast? Saturday and Fathers Day

June 19, 2020

Fresh Sausage, Brunch items, DiBruno Bros products, PIZZA 5 Ways

Sunday Market is doing everything and more, to go and eat on the Patio!

Go To: SHOP PAUL'S KITCHEN order and pickup Saturday 10-3:00 and Sunday 10-3:00 


Fried Egg, House-made Sausage on a Ciabatta Roll

Peppers and Eggs on an Amosoro Roll

Seasonal Frittata w/sausage

Scrapple Egg on Toast

Chicken Italian on a Amoroso Roll 

Sweet Italian on a Amoroso Roll 

Spicy Italian on a Amoroso Roll 

Call or Text Paul with any questions 302-228-9775

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