Laundry Room Organization Tips

September 19, 2017

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We know doing laundry can be a drag. When your laundry room is a mess, it can be even worse. Giving your laundry room some TLC can help you get more organized, and maybe even look forward to your weekly chores!

Create a sorting station.
Half the battle of doing laundry is sorting it. Putting pre-sorted bins in place will help you stay organized, and cut your laundry time down significantly. To do this, you can simply set out various laundry bins and label them accordingly, or even create a built-in system to utilize your vertical space. Love the built-in idea but want to scale it down? Try a compact, two-shelf unit.

Install an indoor drying rack. 
Some clothes require special attention and can’t just be thrown in the drier. Instead of draping clothes across any open space you can find, a drying rack will save you space and help your laundry room stay organized. You can even DIY oneout of an old ladder!

Stock your cabinets with storage bins.
If you’re running low on space, or just want to maximize the space you have, use storage bins and shelves to avoid loose items sitting in cabinets. Combine like items such as cleaning supplies, detergents, or towels and store them together.

Ask for help.
Okay, we know – that one’s a stretch, but we couldn’t close off our blog post without a little funny.

What other tips do you have for laundry organization we didn’t think of?

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