Top Amenities to Discuss With Agents for the Best Value Homes

September 26, 2023


Top Amenities to Discuss With Agents for the Best Value Homes

When you sell your home, you want to make it sound as great as possible in the listing so that many people take a look at it either in person or virtually. The more people who view your home, the higher your final selling price is likely to be.
Therefore, it's important to choose certain amenities to include in your listing that are sure to pique the interest of potential homebuyers. Consider discussing the following amenities with your real estate agent:
Updated Essentials
When people buy a home, they want to know that they won't be met with large, unexpected costs several years down the road. Therefore, if you can list updated essentials among your home's amenities, it'll secure interest from potential homebuyers. For example, if you have recently replaced your HVAC system, it's a good idea to include this in the listing, as this is something that most people will overlook when they tour your home, yet it's something that makes a big difference in potential future costs.
Large Lot
As people continue to realize the value of having a standalone home, one of the most desirable features you can have is a large lot. While not everyone will want a huge lot, this is a great feature that'll give your agent a lot to work with when they write the listing. If you're going to advertise your lot, though, it's important that it's fairly well-maintained so that it doesn't overwhelm potential buyers when they come to tour your home.
Storage Spaces
One thing that's often overlooked when people list homes for sale are the storage areas in a home. After all, it can be a pain to try and organize multiple closets so that they can be photographed for the listing. However, storage areas are crucial to advertise, especially if you have a larger home, as people want to know that they'll have plenty of space to store their belongings without causing their home to look cluttered.
Updated Kitchen
A kitchen is one room that can make or break a home for many buyers. Therefore, if you've recently updated your kitchen, it's important to show it off in the listing. While your kitchen won't appeal to everyone—since buyers have different tastes—if you've done a good job with the remodel, it'll show buyers that you take care of your home and are serious about finding a buyer.
As times change, so too do the features that people find desirable in homes. Therefore, if it's been a while since you've sold a home, or if you've never sold a home before, it's important to trust your agent when it comes to what to include in the listing. This will ensure that you don't make mistakes that could turn away buyers, getting your selling price as high as possible!


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