Ag lab mobile classroom to visit Georgetown Elementary Oct. 11-12

September 20, 2017

After a successful pilot program, the Delaware Farm Bureau Foundation has launched a new program with its Ag Education Mobile Classroom taking the farm to school. The Ag lab will travel to Georgetown Elementary School Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 11 and 12.

The Ag lab traveling classroom educates young people about farming and agriculture. It is a fun, educational tool that allows kids to see the different aspects of agriculture and try it out for themselves. It also teaches the importance of farming, the effects the agriculture industry has on the community, and how farming successes and failures affect the economy.

In one 30-minute session, kids learn about healthy eating, complete a hands-on planting activity and find out how food gets from the farm to their lunchbox. They are also given information to help them consider choosing agriculture as a future career possibility.

In this program designed for fourth-graders, these topics align with 5-LS1 of the Next Generation Science Standards, and 5.NF of the Common Core State Standard for Mathematics. Kim Davis, a teacher at Phyllis Wheatley Elementary in Bridgeville, said, "Agriculture is very important to our state; seeing all the pictures and how food is grown was great. They loved the lunch box portion."