Antipasti Italian-American heritage group forms

October 30, 2019

A new Italian-American heritage group was formed Oct. 15 when a group of local residents filled a meeting room to capacity at the Lewes library.  

Named antipasti, the association’s mission is to learn about and celebrate Italian heritage, to work cooperatively with other groups to devise quality initiatives, and to build the association through collaborative work.  

More than 40 enthusiastic local residents met to share stories and learn from each other about their Italian heritage. Most of those present were the last generation to know immigrant ancestors, and many expressed regret for not delving more into their history with parents and grandparents. 

Some brought memorabilia to share, which included a christening gown, family pictures and phonograph recordings by well-known Italian performers. 

Enthusiasm was high and grew as individuals spoke about their family experiences, many of which elicited knowing laughter at the familiarity of the stories. There was unanimous interest in continuing to meet and share experiences. 

The idea of creating an Italian-American heritage group sprang from conversations among attendees of Ancestry & You programs designed and delivered by Jo-Ann Vega at Lewes and South Coastal libraries. Several hundred people attended one or more programs. 

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