Bar, restaurant curfew lifted in latest order

High school sports competitions allowed with 30 percent capacity
January 8, 2021

A curfew has been lifted on bars and restaurants in the latest update to Gov. John Carney’s emergency order, issued Jan. 8.

The 10 p.m. curfew at Delaware restaurants and bars will be lifted, but establishments still must have signage prominently displayed on the table stating that parties must be from the same household and offering messages on masking compliance, Carney said in a press release. The modification also allows all youth and amateur adult sports games, matches, and competitions to resume, provided that the maximum occupancy is 30 percent, which includes athletes, coaches, and other employees or staff. One person may accompany an athlete and is not included in the 30 percent capacity limit; however, additional spectators are not permitted to attend.  

Any individual who participates in an out-of-state tournament or competition must continue to immediately self-quarantine in accordance with Division of Public Health guidance from the time of entry into Delaware or for the duration of the individual’s presence in Delaware, whichever period is shorter. Teams participating in any practice, game, match, or competition where COVID-19 spread is identified by DPH must immediately refrain from continued participation in practices, games, matches, or competitions, and individuals must quarantine in accordance with DPH guidance. 

“As we come out of the winter holiday season, we are keeping these restrictions in place so that we can protect Delaware’s hospital capacity and protect lives,” Carney said. 

The updated order authorizes DPH to issue cease-and-desist orders to any team with high or increasing levels of COVID-19 cases or any that do not comply with the requirements in the state of emergency order.

Carney’s full omnibus order is being updated to reflect the changes of the fifth modification.

The State of Emergency declaration carries the full force and effect of law. Delawareans and visitors also must follow local restrictions in place to limit community spread of COVID-19.

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