The Beach Paper Wintertime Survival Guide

September 6, 2018

How in the world are you going to manage without my column? I worry that you might starve while the Beach Paper staff cavorts for the next seven months on our private island (in an undisclosed location). So in order to stave off rickets or scurvy, I will arm you with enough good information to keep you nourished over the winter. See how selfless I can be? (Pass the Coppertone, please….)

The information that follows should inspire you to get out there and dine. So here goes: Year-round Wilmington Avenue goodies include Yolanda’s Sunday brunches at Mariachi (I love the Eggs Benedict with her house-made chorizo). Across the street, the Zogg’s boys are open year-round and it’s hard to beat that Granny Smith & brie burger. A spicy (if you want it that way) and freshly made Chinese dinner can certainly warm you up on a chilly night, and Confucius’ owners Shawn and Danielle are happy to oblige. Just a few steps from Confucius are the always busy 208 Social, Salt Air, Henlopen City Oyster House and new kid on the block Azzurro. Though their individual hours may vary, that corner of Wilmington Ave. and Second St. will never disappoint.

The same can be said for Baltimore Avenue. Though Blue Moon takes their traditional hiatus after January first, there’s lots of fun still to be had, including their famous New Year’s Eve bash and day-after brunch. Slightly west, foraging modernist Hari Cameron will keep a(MUSE.) open with limited hours and his nighttime bar specials. A few steps west, look for Tyler & Bob’s The Pines restaurant & lounge to open sometime in mid-October next door to Frank & Louie’s emporium of Italian goodies. About a block to the east is the dynamic quintet of Café Azafrán, JAM Bistro, DiFebo’s, Eden and yet another new kid on the block, Beach Nomad.

Rehoboth Avenue can be counted on for off-season goodies at Chesapeake & Maine, Lupo Italian Kitchen, Catchers, Cooter Brown’s and G Rehoboth. Dos Locos brings out their amazing lunch specials while happy hours at Fins are laced with delectable bloody marys. Sushiphiles rejoice! Now you can actually get a seat at Cultured Pearl! And don’t miss the live music featuring 2nd Time Around on Friday, October 5th.

Casual breakfasts are served year-round at Robin Hood, Crystal, Egg, Goolee’s and The Point, and old standbys like Grotto and Nicola Pizza will warm you up with a slice. Partying is still the order of the day (and night) at Purple Parrot and The Pond, while upscale breakfasts, lunches and dinners are served with a side of Boardwalk and Atlantic at Victoria’s.

Jazzfest is always a hoot, and this year that new band 2nd Time Around takes center stage yet again at Indigo Indian restaurant on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights (Oct. 11, 12 and 13), at Fork & Flask’s Saturday Jazz Brunch on Oct. 13 and at Java Jukebox’s jazz blowout on Sunday night of jazz weekend.

OK. That should keep you busy until the Beach Paper team returns all buff, tanned and ready to pounce in the spring. Clip this out and pin it to your windbreaker. Bon appétit … for now.

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