Beachin Bash offering Cape Region unique event experiences

Jim and Erica Kirlin provide luxury picnics, bonfires, weekend family hosting and concierge services
May 25, 2023

Looking to host an event on the beach or a nice gathering at home? Beachin Bash can do that.

How about a bachelorette party or a birthday weekend with all the activities planned? Beachin Bash can do that too.

Owned and operated by the husband-and-wife team of Jim and Erica Kirlin, Beachin Bash is the Cape Region’s unique event company offering luxury beach and backyard picnics, bonfires, and weekend family hosting and concierge services.

“We’re that point person, so you don’t have to do a million things,” said Erica.

The business began out of their garage in 2019. Soon after, Jim was diagnosed with dysautonomia, which affects the functionality of his autonomic nervous system. It makes his left hand tremble and sometimes it can make the floor feel like it’s moving, he said. 

“There are days when I’m down for the count, so we were looking for a business that could accommodate that. This allows me to help Erica as much as I can when I can,” he said, laughing. “She’s my boss.”

“I am his boss,” said Erica, also laughing.

Both Kirlins spent their early careers in hospitality, and their approach to business is compassionate capitalism. It’s about giving back to the community as much as possible, working with local businesses to bring everybody up and being good to employees, said Jim. It isn’t about having all the pieces of the pie, because there’s enough for everyone, he said.

They expanded their services last year and are now really pushing their product. Located in Rehoboth Beach, Beachin Bash serves all the beach towns from Lewes to Fenwick Island. Additionally, said Erica, they’re starting to have pop-up events on local farms, including one recently at Brittingham Farms in Millsboro called Brunch and Bubbles. There were about 100 people there and it went pretty well, she said.

“We’re still learning, and we take every opportunity we can to get honest feedback,” said Erica.

The Kirlins said they’re also working to create a full-service catering arm of the company in the next couple of months and taking advantage of Jim’s captain’s license by offering charters on their recently purchased pontoon boat.

For more information on Beach Bash, call 302-298-1414, email or go to


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