Beebe eliminates, shuffles executive slots

Officials: Moves meant to save costs, improve efficiency
August 1, 2023

Beebe Healthcare is shifting some executive positions in an effort to streamline costs, officials said recently.

While elimination of the chief operating officer position held by Richard Schaffner may be the most notable for some, officials said there are other changes worth mentioning.

“As Beebe’s CEO for the past three years, I have been focused on creating a more stable, agile, and resilient organization,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. David Tam in a statement. “This includes the executive team, which has undergone optimization and transformation. The elimination of the COO role is one of the many changes I have made to ensure we are sustainable for the next 100 years.”

The elimination of the COO position is not new in the healthcare industry, said Christina Deidesheimer, chief marketing communications officer for Beebe Healthcare. She added that about 25% of Fortune and S&P 500 healthcare companies have a COO position.

“Healthcare systems across the country, likely even those within our own state of Delaware, are eliminating executive and administrative positions,” she said. “The post-pandemic landscape requires all healthcare systems to restructure operations, find ways to better manage expenses and adapt to new delivery models. We recognize that transformation isn’t easy, but it’s necessary to care for our expanding community.”

According to Beebe Medical Center Inc.’s 2021 990 tax form, Schaffner made $639,127 as executive vice president and chief operating officer, with another $31,000 in other compensation.

Tam made $1,042,422 with about $38,000 in other compensation, followed by former CEO Jeffrey Fried at $690,000, and Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer Paul Pernice at $677,516 with about $7,500 in compensation.

Other Beebe Healthcare changes include Dr. Bill Chasanov assuming a new role of chief health system design officer, tasked with developing strategies to improve the continuum of care for patients, increase access and ensure financial success. Tax records show Chasanov made $520,975 with about $16,000 in compensation for 2021. Loretta Ostroski has been moved to vice president, integrated care and continuum care. Her former position as vice president of IP Nursing and Emergency Service will not be filled, Deidesheimer said. Ostroski made $228,113 with about $13,000 in compensation, according to tax records 

Diane Taylor, vice president, strategic planning and business development, will assume the additional role of chief of staff. Her 2021 salary was $170,507 with about $28,000 in compensation, according to tax records. Danielle Socrates will move into the role of vice president, value-based care and operations, and her former position of director of performance operations will be eliminated, Deidesheimer said. Dr. Paul Sierzenski has been appointed as system chief physician executive.


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