Bell Rock Capital expands to new location

Same business, new location
April 10, 2019

Story Location:
35568 Airport Road
Rehoboth Beach  Delaware  19971
United States

Founded in Rehoboth Beach in 2008 by former Wall Street equity analyst Cassandra Toroian, the investment advising company Bell Rock Capital has moved its corporate office. Originally located next to Rehoboth Beach Crab House, Bell Rock Capital has outgrown its former office, leading to the move to Airport Road across from Wharton Garden Center. 

Part of the move was due to the growing area. “A lot of people don’t want to deal with big companies,” Toroian said. “A difference between us and some of the big companies is that we aren’t brokers. We don’t get a commission, meaning we are there to help the client without incentive.

“We are investment advisors, and we help businesses with investment needs, tax preparations and financial planning,” Toroian said. “What sets us apart from others is we pick individual stocks and bonds; we don’t use mutual funds,” Toroian said. “It’s a transparent way for people to see their balances.” In order to assist clients with their needs, Bell Rock Capital “gives folks an online questionnaire that scores people on their risk. That allows us to build portfolios to match how they feel about their risk,” Toroian said.

Bell Rock Capital deals with a lot of families as well as local businesses. “We relate well to business owners because we are entrepreneurs,” Toroian said. “We started our own business.” Toroian went on to say that they do not discriminate when it comes to working with clients. “Money doesn’t have a gender,” Toroian said. “It’s almost condescending to focus on gender. The only difference in this business when it comes to gender is life expectancy, as women tend to live a little longer than men. We don’t target groups like that; money doesn’t have a sexual preference.

“Since things are constantly changing, we try to do a lot of education with people, and we send little videos about what’s happening with the market - if it’s good one day we let them know, and we do the same when the market isn’t doing so well,” Toroian said.

Toroian and her crew are currently looking to put together a client-based website. “Right now our clients have to use TD Ameritrade to view their daily performance,” Toroian said. “We are looking to implement a client-based website that is customized to focus on each individual client.”

Known for doing local television advertisements, Bell Rock Capital also supports many local events such as holding seminars at the Cinema Art Theater, getting involved with local businesses, and being on the board of the Immanuel Shelter. Toroian held a seminar last year on artificial intelligence, and has also done seminars on cryptocurrency and bitcoin. “We do well at talking in normal language,” Toroian said. “Others talk over peoples’ heads.”

Not only are they helpful to those in the community, but when clients visit their office, they are more than accommodating. “There are little things like asking if someone wants water or coffee that can go a long way. I also make sure to keep a full kitchen at the office to cater to people,” Toroian said. 

Bell Rock Capital has been voted one of the top 10 largest business advisors physically headquartered in Delaware. 

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