Blue-collar guys run races while lacrosse teams run clocks

May 7, 2024

Outside scoop, inside corner - Joseph Goulet, 37, won the Seashore Classic Half Marathon May 4 in 1:31:52, which is dead on a seven-minute-mile pace for 13.1 miles. The race was the first half marathon Joe had ever run, and he had only run a few 5Ks. A side-of-the-road post-race interview with the Polytech Panther went in no predictable direction. The drywaller by trade just rolled out the door one day in his early 30s and went for a run. He was not on a mission, not overcoming demons, not recentering his life, he was just running. Asked about his race pace, Joseph honestly answered, “I don’t know.” Let’s be honest, all of us who passed Sociology 101 with a B are aware, blue-collar people don’t usually run half marathons, especially those who can tape and finish a ceiling while walking around on stilts. And how many sociology majors can describe the difference between an inside and an outside corner? How many who work out in the gym every morning can hang sheetrock on the ceiling? I found out Sunday afternoon while covering the Morgan’s Message Mile on the Legends Stadium track that Dr. Nikki Miller, a former Cape principal who’s currently Seaford School District supervisor of instruction and a Republican candidate for 20th District House seat, and Joseph Goulet are first cousins, as their fathers are brothers. “Back in high school, I worked summers in the family business, which is drywall,” Nikki said. To make the muppet connections more complicated, the 20th District that covers Lewes and Milton is currently held by Democrat Stell Parker Selby, former Cape district administrator and school board member. And that is the inside scoop on the outside corners.

Go your own way - Many smart people don’t pursue roads paved by others. When it comes to sports, there is a cautionary tale: “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” I talked to Lindsay D’Ambrogi May 5 for two minutes. “Hey Linds, where are you going to college next year?” “U of D, Fredman.” “Are you thinking of giving lacrosse a try?” “I don’t know, I guess it would be kind of cool if I walked on.” “They have an excellent club team as well,” I said, because it was my turn to talk. “I don’t know. When this season is over, I want to start training for a marathon. That's just something I always wanted to do.” Late in Friday night’s Senior Night game, Cape senior defender Hannah Abel scored her first varsity goal. Lindsay D is pictured with both arms in the air jumping toward the clouds. She is that kid, and I’ve discovered the things I notice are seen by most others. 

Lineman for Life - I framed and photographed Alan Josey, 27, of Greenwood finishing the Fort Miles 5K May 5 and thought, “Big rascal, like NFL strong-side-guard big.” I talked to him afterwards. Alan told me he worked construction and played line in high school and just kept working out. I took his photo afterwards and like a little kid, he asked, “Can I see that?” He was pleased. “Oh yeah, I like that.” Two construction guys in two days running races. I doubt it's a trend, but it’s unusual. 

Snippets - The Broad Street subway runs north and comes back south. The Phillies are 24-11 with the best record in baseball, but their formula of striking out 17 or 18 times a game and still winning is not sustainable. Losing Trea Turner for six weeks to a hamstring injury hurts. The NBA playoffs are about to get insanely good as it has reached the conference semifinals for those of us with short attention spans who can now stay focused. I’m liking the Minnesota Timberwolves, Dallas Mavericks and Indiana Pacers to make some serious noise. NCAA lacrosse brackets have been published across three divisions for men and women. I can’t find many reasons to leave the house, which is why I have a TV in the garage. The Henlopen Conference Track Championships are Thursday and Friday, May 9-10, at Lake Forest High School beginning at 4 p.m. Who goes to five-hour track meets? Athletes, coaches, relatives and a few sports photographers who can hang like drywallers. Before you allow a home-for-the-summer college athlete toss two duffle bags into the laundry room, ask them one question: “What is your current GPA?” Make sure playing time doesn’t extend from on to off the field.” Go on now, git!      


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