Body Talks, Let’s Listen program set Oct. 1

September 17, 2023

HealTree will present Body Talks, Let’s Listen, at 4 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 1, facilitated by Christine Lawrence in an online virtual workshop.

Embodiment practices encourage participants to remember that their bodies and minds are connected. The two most common examples of this mind-body connection are trauma and emotions/immunity. The polyvagal theory explains nervous system dysregulation and regulation, often referred to as fight or flight, and resting and digesting. When a human perceives a threat, their nervous system engages the mind and the body in an attempt to survive. When one experiences a traumatic event, it is believed that the experience leaves an imprint in the body. Understanding these patterns and practicing embodiment can help individuals heal from their past traumatic experiences.

Research also suggests that there is a strong relationship between emotional states and immunity. Chronic negative emotional states can worsen immunity functions and other bodily functions. These emotional states include stress, depression and anxiety. Positive emotional states are associated with reduction in pain and symptoms of poor health, and increased longevity. Positive emotions are also linked to strengthened immune response in patients with conditions of the immune system including cancer, HIV and even the flu. It is believed that positive emotions may help combat the stress associated with these illnesses, allowing the body to heal. Another theory suggests that positive emotions promote healthy lifestyles which in turn support a strong immune system.

In this virtual workshop, participants will learn about the mind-body connection through gentle restorative movement poses to promote understanding of the relationship between muscles and breath work, and practice diaphragm breathing techniques. The workshop fee is $25.

Lawrence is a somatic practitioner, yoga therapist, life coach and clinical practitioner. She holds space for those who may need a safe space to explore their paths. She offers strategies and techniques that allow for growth and a new perspective for healing. Lawrence's own personal experience with anxiety, depression and trauma have allowed her to see life through a relatable lens.

For more information or to sign up, go to or call 302-827-4683. 

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