Byzantium Sky Press Kickstarter campaign runs thru Oct. 29

October 12, 2023

Crystal Heidel, owner of Byzantium Sky Press, recently launched her first Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for her “Still Life” book series.

The Kickstarter features the revamped 10th anniversary edition of “Still Life in Blood,” a first-place best novel winner in 2014 for both the Delaware Press Association and National Federation of Press Women Professional Communications contests, and the long-awaited sequel, “Still Life in Ice.”

Kickstarter’s crowdfunding platform is designed to help creatives share new visions for their work. “Kickstarter believes that art and creative expression are essential to a healthy and vibrant society. And that’s what Byzantium Sky Press represents,” said Heidel.

The campaign will also help fund Byzantium Sky Press. While Heidel’s books are the face of the Kickstarter, the backbone is her business. The publishing process is not inexpensive, and that is why Heidel has launched the Kickstarter. Her goal for the project is to raise $15,000.

“That sounds like a lot of money, but when it comes to the book publishing world, it’s really not,” Heidel said. Traditional publishers can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on each book they publish. This includes creative costs such as developmental editors, copyeditors and proofreaders, as well as production costs like interior and cover designs, ISBNs, file prep, ebook conversions, printing, distribution, shipping, marketing and more.

“I launched Byzantium Sky Press with my first novel, and I have several other award-winning books under my belt. But I want to publish many more, and people can help by backing this Kickstarter,” said Heidel. “What I love most about Kickstarter is that it allows me to gift those people who really love books with special rewards.”

She said for each reward tier in the BSP Kickstarter, the backer will receive both “Still Life” books and their name will be printed in the acknowledgments inside the pages of the book. “Aside from the books, rewards include signed and numbered prints of the artwork I painted and used in the covers, writer coaching sessions with me, having me attend your book club, or even having lunch with me here in Delaware. You could even name a future character,” Heidel said with a laugh. “For instance, you could ‘kill a friend or spouse,’ fictionally, of course!”

Heidel said  this Kickstarter will be the only place to get the limited-edition hardcovers of “Still Life in Blood” and “Still Life in Ice,” since after the Kickstarter, they will no longer be produced. However, all of this will only happen if the Kickstarter is fully funded. To be fully funded, Heidel needs to reach her $15,000 goal by early morning Sunday, Oct. 29.

“Once the project funding is met, there are amazing stretch goals like metal bookmarks, professional audiobook production and hiring a publicist to go nationwide,” Heidel said. “My dream is to be fully funded, of course, but I want to reach those stretch goals. In particular, finding a brick-and-mortar place for Byzantium Sky Press offices.” Her vision also includes a bookstore (featuring local authors), where people can come to write, shop, and talk with other readers and writers. She also wants to have spaces for readings, signings and other events.

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