Cape cross country rolls by Lake Forest and Sussex Central

Caesar Rodney at Cape Oct. 17 in a showdown
October 11, 2018

The Cape cross country teams ran an Oct. 10 triangular meet versus Lake Forest and Sussex Central on the historic Killens Pond course and defeated both squads, fattening dual-meet records to 6-0.

The boys low-balled Lake 23-36 and got by Sussex Central 18-45. Lake defeated Sussex Central 23-32.

The Cape girls’ squad defeated Lake 22-39 and Sussex Central 15-50. Lake defeated Central 19-40.

Lake’s Shane Massey was the overall winner in the boys’ race, leading from post to paddock, clocking a time of 17:35 on the hot and humid afternoon with black flies biting like there’s no tomorrow, which for them there probably isn’t.

The top 15 recorded results for the boys were Massey, LF, 17:35; Kolbe O'Donnell, C, 18:17; John DiStefano, C, 18:25; Michael Sullivan, SC, 18:35; Stephen Culver, LF, 18:38; Tristan Holland, C, 18:52; Brian Ciabattoni, C, 19:00; Daniel Adilli-Khams, C, 19:00; Zachery Riggi, LF, 19:04; Owen Allen, C, 19:40; Brian Sponaugle, C, 19:49; Noah Thomas, SC, 19:57; Shane Johnson, LF, 20:14; David Wooten, SC, 20:25; and Lance Kauffman, C, 20:25.

The girls’ race was won by Josephine Ledford of Lake in 20:53. The top 15 in the girls’ competition were Ledford, LF, 20:53; Elizabeth Melson, C, 22:05; Olivia Brozefsky, C, 22:16; Mia Nuebling, C, 22:23; Mikayla Cannon, LF, 22:39; Aya Daisey, C, 22:44; Caroline Maull, C, 22:54; Taylor Johnson, C, 22:59; Lindsey Rambo, C, 23:06; Hadley Rhue, C, 23:07; Brianna Riggi, LF, 24:21; Amaya Daisey, C, 24:53; Madison Rice, SC, 25:01; Emma Eban, SC, 25:09; and Samantha Gilbert, LF, 25:53.

Cape will host a quad meet Wednesday, Oct. 17, at the College of Earth, Ocean and Environment in Lewes, featuring Caesar Rodney, Dover and Delmar. The race starts at 4 p.m.