Cape district bus driver tests positive for COVID-19

March 20, 2020

Cape Henlopen School District officials announced March 20 that a staff member associated with Bus 57 has tested presumptively positive for COVID-19.  This bus transports students to and from Rehoboth Elementary and Cape Henlopen High School. The staff member is currently isolated at home with only mild symptoms.

Anyone who develops symptoms such as coughing, fever and shortness of breath should contact Delaware Division of Public Health at 1-866-408-1899 or their primary healthcare provider. People who experience symptoms and do not have a health care provider should contact Division of Public Health’s Dana Carr at or 1-703-942-9912.  

Everyone should adhere to Delaware Division of Public Health’s guidelines of limiting social contacts by practicing social distancing, finding alternative ways to greet people that don’t involve shaking hands, as well as practicing good hand and cough hygiene. 

Cape Superintendent Bob Fulton said while schools remain closed to the public, teams will continue the on-site deep cleaning and sanitizing of buildings and buses. 

“Thank you for your continued partnership to protect the health of our school and entire Cape community,” Fulton said.

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