Cape district honors Lewes Public Library for work with students

Board president: Organization provides safe and warm learning environment
December 4, 2023

The Lewes Public Library was named a Cape Community Champion at the Nov. 16 school board meeting, where board President Alison Myers called the organization a hub of the community that also provides a safe and warm learning environment for children and adults alike. 

“Our longstanding partnership with the Lewes library has provided the opportunity for our students to learn a variety of new skills,” Myers said. “Our students assist the staff with activities such as pulling reserved books and DVDs from the shelves, checking books in at the circulation desk, attending to the book drop, setting up the room for story time and other events.”

Students also help keep the library clean and organized by dusting books and shelves, vacuuming and wiping tables, Myers said.

“This not only helps to keep the library a pleasant place for everyone, but also provides a valuable learning experience for the students involved,” she said.

Library staff go out of their way to make students feel welcome, Myers said.

“The employees and volunteers are patient and kind and always available to answer any questions the students may have,” she said. “They even planned a small celebration for one of our students who graduated recently.”

Everyone at the library makes students feel like part of the team, she said.

“We are so happy to be able to recognize the Lewes library for not only being an asset to our community by promoting education, information sharing, culture and community cohesion, but also for the incredible opportunities [it has] provided for our students,” Myers said. “We look forward to partnering with the Lewes library for years to come.”


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