Cape High allied health students host blood drive

School effort collects 54 units of blood for Delmarva Blood Bank
February 13, 2024

Through the efforts of Cape High allied health students, a blood donation drive held at the school Jan. 30 collected 54 units of blood for Delmarva Blood Bank. 

Cape’s Health Occupation Students of America club has hosted the drive for more than 10 years to help students learn the value of helping the community while observing professional skills and the blood donation process from beginning to end.

Before the event, students recruit new donors, and during the blood drive, they observe donors in the chair, provide snacks and hydration, and monitor donors for 15 minutes post-donation to look for any adverse reactions. 

The Blood Bank of Delmarva will return to Cape High in May for another donation drive. To learn more or make an appointment, go to


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