Cape High grad receives gift of a donated car

Teachers pitch in toward insurance payment
December 25, 2020

Christmas came a few days early for Cape High class of 2020 grad Daniel Wright, when Heather and Michael Ingerski of Lewes signed the title of their Honda Accord over to him Dec. 17.

Daniel, who just completed his first semester at Delaware State University, said he had been saving for a car and was shocked to find out one would be donated to him.

Heather said the car was the first purchase she and Michael made as newlyweds.

“He loved this car so much,” she said. “He didn’t want to sell it; he wanted to gift it, so we contacted the school last year and asked if there was someone deserving. We heard Daniel’s story and said, let’s do it!”

Cape High Principal Nikki Miller said the donation was in the works since last year, but COVID-19 and other obstacles got in the way.

“He overcame a lot of challenges throughout his childhood and adolescent years,” Miller said of Daniel.

As a freshman, Daniel lived in the Cape district, but later moved out of Cape’s enrollment area. He wanted to stay at Cape, so he applied for school choice every year since.

“I was a bad kid, and college wasn’t in my future,” he said.

Miller disagreed, telling Daniel he was just unfocused. Daniel said he woke up every morning at 4 a.m. to catch a van at 5 a.m. that would drive him to Cape High.

“It was worth it, though,” he said. “I wanted to stay because I connected with the staff and students. I know they are here for me and will help me out. I know I’m not alone.”

At Cape, Daniel was a marketing pathway student. Now, he’s a business management major with plans to open his own auto body shop when he graduates. His only regret about college thus far has been that his classes have been online rather than in person.

“I wanted to make new friends in my classes,” he said. “Finally I made them through Instagram.”

The Ingerskis also gave Daniel a gas card, and teachers collected $150 to go toward his insurance. 

Cape High Special Education Coordinator Connie Smith worked with him for three years. 

“He was so joyful and appreciative, not only for the donation, but for how he has reached this place in life due to the relationships he has built with staff here at Cape,” she said. “He attributes his success to the academics here, but mostly to those who believed in him, were honest with him, and showed him that there is potential for him to succeed.”

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