Cape Odyssey of the Mind teams perform at worlds competition

Beacon Middle places first in spontaneous problem
June 20, 2019

Cape Odyssey of the Mind Coordinator Cheryl Baldwin said the district’s eight teams performed well and had a blast at the world competition May 22-25 at Michigan State University.

“The Delaware [Odyssey of the Mind] director said this was the best group ever,” Baldwin said.

Eight Cape teams - five from Shields Elementary, two from Beacon Middle and one from Mariner Middle - advanced to the world competition after strong finishes in the state competition.

The collaborative problem-solving event focuses on STEM, the arts and history. Students solve spontaneous problems through creative responses or hands-on projects and long-term problems that include performing skits or creating weight-bearing structures.

Beacon Middle’s team, comprising Ashlyn Andrews, Dylan Baker, Aidan Block, Bailey Fletcher and Isaac Terhune, placed 17th of 46 in the structure toss problem and first in the spontaneous problem. Baldwin said the spontaneous problems are the most challenging.

“You have no clue what it will be,” she said. “You need to be able to work on your toes and with your team to be successful.”

Shields 1A, comprising Ryan Andrew, Norah Block, Ella Dietz, Julia DiSabatino, Mya DiSabatino, Theo Hart and Ethan James, finished ninth of 40 in the OMER to the rescue problem and third in the spontaneous problem. Shields 1B, comprising Jack Bain, Willet Cole, Griffin Crandall, Madison Handley, Olivia Nehrbas, Levi Stevenson and Jack Tunnell, placed 33rd.

In the hide in plain site problem, Shields 2A, comprising Teagan Baker, Katie Curry, Logan Crotty, Grace Eanes, Erin Noonan, Caitlin Perchiniak and Delia Sparks, placed 29th of 43. Mariner Middle, comprising Ava Azato, Ryan Baker, Carter Barron, Jaidyn Maull and Reese Petterson, placed 25th of 36 teams.

In the Leonardo’s Workshop problem, Shields 3A, comprising T.R. Bain, Alyssa Berg, Will DiPaolo, Liam Ramsey, Riley Stazzone and Abigail Westmore, placed 17th of 42, Shields 3B, comprising Sophia Baugh, Sidney Caldwell, Keira Fletcher, Avery Miller and Lily Noonan, placed 22nd. Beacon Middle placed 21st out of 46.

Baldwin said students attending worlds for the first time were awestruck from meeting and pin-trading with children from all over the world.

“It’s such a cool experience,” she said. “The kids who have been there before took them under their wings. It really brought the whole group together.

A Delaware-themed parade float created by Shields parent James Stevenson and a booth at the creativity festival designed by Milton Elementary coach Hannah Petterson won awards.

Baldwin said students showed serious commitment to the competition early on.

“They had worlds in their sight,” she said. “It takes a lot of dedication. The kids often miss sports and family events. The competition really boosts their confidence and enables them to make choices and take risks.”

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