Celebrating Beebe’s Hospital at Home caregivers

May 23, 2023

Before Edwin “Eddie” Markle began experiencing a strange rash and stomach pain, he was considered a healthy 71-year-old. Unfortunately, in February 2022, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Eddie’s wife Donna remembers the news being traumatic for them, and she promised to always remain by her husband’s side.

Eddie’s cancer battle began with six months of chemotherapy at Beebe Healthcare’s Tunnell Cancer Center. The goal was to reduce the size of his tumors. Oncologist Srujitha Murukutla, MD, and the stellar staff demonstrated excellent care. In November 2022, Eddie had a procedure performed at a hospital in Maryland, and he experienced post-surgery complications that delayed his healing. Eventually, Eddie’s condition became too uncomfortable, and on New Year’s Day 2023, he was admitted to Beebe with a diagnosis of colitis.

“The staff at Beebe were just wonderful, kind and professional,” recalled Donna.

Shortly after Eddie was admitted, Ellen Purple, NP, visited his room and explained Beebe’s Hospital at Home program. She told him that Beebe was the first healthcare system in Delaware to offer such a program, and Eddie met the criteria to sign up.

“Blessings come in all forms,” said Donna. The thought of Eddie being at home in his recliner while receiving his IV antibiotics was the most comfortable and ideal situation for both of them.

Nurse Jeffrey Freeman was Eddie’s first visitor from the Hospital at Home program. He set up the necessary equipment and made sure the couple were OK on Eddie’s first night home from the hospital.

The next day, Donna was diagnosed with COVID-19. She restricted herself to a private room in their house while Beebe’s Hospital at Home staff continued to provide excellent care for Eddie.

“Nurse Kelly Miranda was a ray of sunshine every time she walked through the door,” said Donna.

These special people gave Donna the few days she needed to recuperate while they tended to her beloved husband. “If the Hospital at Home nurses wouldn’t have been there, I have no idea what we would have done,” she said.

Once it was determined Eddie had received all the necessary care, Colleen Cimo, NP, coordinated his discharge. Although Eddie lost his courageous battle with cancer in February, Donna remains grateful to Beebe and especially to the Hospital at Home team.

“The entire Hospital at Home team cares from their hearts,” said Donna. “I will never forget them and am grateful for this very important program.”

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